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Rutas turístico-culturales por la provincia de Valencia

Erasmus en el territorio

The day trips are scheduled throughout autumm to spring and will be done in bus, always in company of specialized guides. It includes transport, travel insurance, local gastronomy, guides and recreational activities. Departures are established at 9 am every Saturday from Rectorate main entrance, in Av. Blasco Ibañez nº 13 (Valencia). The talks in all the activities will be always developed in Spanish.

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The steps to follow in order to book a place in any of these activities are the following:

  1. Choose your activity from the offer you can see down in this page pressing the shopping trolley icon. Once this is done the selected route will appear in the right side with the accumulated price of your selections. You can delete any selection pressing the “Delete” button of the selected route at right.
  2. Once selected every activity you should finalize the process by pressing Finish Reserve button just under the selection.
  3. After pressing the button, an application window will be opened where you should introduce your personal data, Every field (except telephone) requires compulsory filling in order to get your booking identification.
  4. Press “Finish” button in order to get your data registered in our server. After a confirmation message, you will be redirected to main page.
  5. The web registration finishes here. From now on you should make the payment of the established amount. There are two options:
    • Bank transfer at Banco de Santander account (0049-6721-62-2310023939) specifying the concept: ERASMUS TERRITORIO (very important to include it). In case of transfers from abroad it is necessary to use the IBAN number: ES72 0049 6721 6223 1002 3939.
    • Cash payment at University of Valencia’s branch of Banco de Santander, located in the Faculty of Psychology (Av. Blasco Ibáñez, s/n), using the same account mentioned above and the same concept specification. It is important to leave your details with the payment (ID, name, etc.).
  6. Any questions, please contact by email to unitatsuport@uv.es

Personal details provided will be incorporated to "Erasmus" file that belongs to University of Valencia in order to fulfill the registration and any necessary administrative tasks to participate in the activities. You may exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation and oppose the processing of this information by means of presentation of a writing adding an identity document. Please address to:
Protección de datos Servei d’Informàtica
C/ Amadeo de Saboya, 4
46010, Valencia 
You can also exercise your right through sending an e-mail to lopd@uv.es, but in this case it will be only accepted if the account used for this claim and the account provided for registration are the same.
We inform you that University of Valencia reserves the right to take photos or record public events and activities. The recorded information will be used to develop common tasks of University of Valencia like transmission and criticism of science, technic, knowledge and culture, by means of publication of multimedia materials. These materials will be indexed and published for the purposes previously mentioned in any of the audio-visual media and/or web sites of the University of Valencia assigned to publication of documents and multimedia contents or, in case, provided to mass media.
The public sites of University of Valencia in Internet are indexed by web browsers.